How to Take the Homeopathic Remedy

Homeopathic remedies are dispensed in either liquid or solid form. The liquid form consists of water and alcohol, whereas the solid form is dispensed as small pills made of sucrose or lactose. The therapeutic action of these two forms is, in most cases, equivalent, with “one dose” consisting of either one drop or pill taken orally and kept under the tongue rather than swallowed. Sometimes a dose is fine-tuned by preparatory actions such as mixing the dose in a glass of water before taking a sip of the solution, or shaking the bottle vigorously by holding it in the fist of one hand and repeatedly hitting it against the palm of the other hand. The frequency of use of homeopathic remedies is generally once daily, but can vary widely (from once every several weeks to several times daily) depending on the clinical situation.

  • The homeopathic remedy is to be taken in a clean mouth, i.e. at least 15 minutes away from food, drink (except water), and tooth-brushing. In case circumstances do not allow for this, it is important to take the dose anyway rather than delay or skip taking it altogether. The remedy can be taken at any time during the day unless otherwise instructed.
  • The physical size of the dose is not nearly as important as its timing. Taking more than the prescribed number of drops at once will neither produce quicker results nor be harmful. Similarly, When instructed to mix a dose in a glass of water an take a sip of the resulting mixture, the exact amount of water in the glass is unimportant: a small amount of anywhere between 1/4 to 3/4 of a glassful will do. What is important is precisely to follow the instructions regarding dosage frequency. For example, when instructed to take the remedy only once or a few times and then stop and wait, it is imperative to follow the prescribed regimen precisely and not continue to consume the remedy. On the other hand, when instructed to take a remedy on a regular basis until further notice, it is essential to persist with the prescribed regimen even when not experiencing immediate results or, conversely, when the remedy brings up unpleasant symptoms.
  • If you miss a dose by mistake then it should be taken immediately, with the interval to the next dose calculated from that point on. For example, if you miss a dose that was to be taken once every three days you should take a dose right away and the next one three days afterward.